Welcome to our orchard. We are a small family run operation but we take on quite a few helpers during the harvest season - we do most of our pruning also at this time.

Although we are conventional growers we try to work as closely as possible with nature whilst at the same time producing fruit of suitable quality to satisfy the highest international standards of food quality and safety. We have been offering Pick-Your-Own cherries for nearly 20 years now but for the last ten years or so we have turned the whole of our production over to our Pick-Your-Own customers.

This means that fruit which was previously destined for major brand gift packs or export is available to you the Pick-Your-Own customer.

We are one of the few orchards to offer Pick-Your-Own.The trees are kept short and most of our fruit can be picked standing on the ground. On a typical hot summer's day we are normally one of the coolest spots in the state - in amongst the trees it is even cooler. The view from the top of our hill is also well worth the climb.

All we ask is that customers respect the peace and quiet of other customers and our neighbours and do not damage the trees - e.g. by picking incorrectly. Children are fine provided they are closely supervised to comply with the foregoing and for their own safety.

Smoking is not permitted.

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